Easter Crafting with an ADHD Child

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More Is The New Less…

This morning The 5 yo decided he wanted to do some crafts.  This is an ongoing thing with him and is usually met with a groan from me.  But, today, I decided was a good day to indulge him. After all, it’s Saturday and we hadn’t done most of the crafts I had planned for spring break last week.  I looked up a simple Easter craft and we made these cute little bunnies. I swear I don’t know where I would be without Pinterest or the internet in general. How did we ever live without it?!

Simple Easter Bunny Craft with ADHD Child

So, that’s the Frazzled Slob version of these totally cute bunnies I found at Red Ted Art.  Check her site out for the real deal.


The 5 yo wanted his to be all white.  He even gave it a white tail. He likes things to be traditional.  And right. And perfect. The 7 yo isn’t always as concerned with tradition, but he has his moments.  Today, he went for the blue pompom. He cut out his own ears and feet and I helped the 5 yo with his.  Anyway, it was simple and quick and they loved them and were happy.


But, I couldn’t just let things go at that.  Noooooo. Hey, since we’re crafting, why don’t we go ahead and do some more?  After all, more is always better, isn’t it? Didn’t I hear somewhere that more is the new less?


So, I returned to the trusty internet and found another cute and simple craft.  I took some card stock and cut out egg shapes and then gave the kids some tape to make designs in it.  I also gave them some chalk and a little dish of water to dip the chalk in for a wet chalk painting. Here’s the Frazzled Slob version of how this is supposed to turn out.


Simple Wet Chalk Painting Easter Egg Craft | with ADHD Kid

The white parts are where the tape was.  Because I’m a frazzled slob, I didn’t think to get any pictures of the process, so you’ll have to use your imagination, or better yet find the real deal here.

Sounds simple right? Not in my house.

By the time I called the boys over to get started, the 5 yo had noticed the ears were getting loose on his bunny and it no longer looked the way he wanted it to.  I told him we’d fix it later because now it was time to work on these eggs. I started mine a little ahead of them so they could get an idea of how to do it. This turned out to be a mistake as the 5 yo went into full meltdown mode that he could not get his to look like mine, which was according to him, perfect and his was “dumb”.  The 7 yo and I tried to coax him back into a good mood, telling him how great we thought his tape was turning out. But, it was to no avail. He thrashed around and stomped to his room several times. In an effort to show him how his egg would look completed, I colored it for him (he had another one to work on because I gave them 2 to start with).  Here’s how it turned out.

Simple Easter Egg Wet Chalk Painting Image 2

I especially like that tiny green triangle in the middle.  After he finished his protests that I had colored it (you knew that was coming!) he decided that it was alright after all.  So, he proceeded to work on his other egg. We still had a few fits about how to get the tape exactly perfect. I pointed out that his other one made all the letters in his name if he looked at it in certain ways.  He agreed saying, “that’s the name egg, this is the dumb egg.” Sigh. In the meantime the 7 yo finished his up and was quite proud of it.

Wet Chalk and Tape Painting Easter Craft Image 3

After multiple words of encouragement from the 7 yo, the 5 yo finally got his egg taped up and colored.  After it dried I took the tape off and then he decided it wasn’t done. Of course not. So, now we had to retape some of the blank spaces and he colored the rest.  After that was done and the tape removed, we went through that process another time, (because more is the new less, right?!) until finally he colored the whole thing and needn’t have used the tape (or had the meltdown over the tape!) in the first place.  Here’s his final product.

Wet Chalk Painted Easter Egg | ADHD Child

And now that these are done, who’s up for painting??!!  …just kidding!

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